I Will Take SOME Credit For The Barstool Sports Breakfast Cereal, Why Not?

So here’s the background. I watched Mornin’ Sunshine for a few weeks and what hit me was just how poor the show was. Despite being called ‘Mornin’ Sunshine’ it has almost nothing to do with the morning. I think Kate and Brandon are fantastic but the show is/was just awful and needed to be framed around breakfast and there’s nothing more congruent with breakfast time than breakfast cereal. So why not have Brandon and Kate throw in a few random breakfast cereal reviews. It has to be better than a breakfast show filmed at lunch talking about afternoon sport.

So I suggested Barstool Sports review breakfast cereals and partner with a breakfast cereal subscription service to generate money congruently. As far as I can tell the breakfast cereal market is worth $8 billion a year in America. A huge market Barstool could make money from and make fun content. It would be like One Bite but for breakfast cereals and I published FOUR blog posts on the subject of Barstool Sports reviewing breakfast cereals and entering the breakfast cereal market in some capacity…

Seriously, What Is So Difficult About Kate and Brandon Reviewing Breakfast Cereals?

Should Barstool Sports Try Mornin’ Sunshine With Breakfast Cereal Reviews?…Yes


Let’s Have One More Attempt To Save Mornin’ Sunshine

I saw it as such an obvious opportunity for Barstool Sports to continue expanding I even emailed Dave Portnoy and suggested Barstool launch a breakfast cereal review app called OneSpoon. But two months later Barstool has launched its own breakfast cereal. Anyone at Barstool worth their salt would have seen one of my FOUR blog posts and thought “Actually, launching a breakfast cereal would be a great success”.

Do I hope the cereal will be a success? Yes, because I am taking some credit for it.


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