The Undertaker Commentating Rough N’ Rowdy Would Save Your Soul

So 2020 has been shit for everybody and the first few months of 2021 are still on shaky ground. Let’s be honest, until an effective Covid vaccine is available we are always going to face the threat of Covid returning. But guess what, there is one thing that can save your soul from the dread of lockdowns and coronavirus…


It would fuck.

Can you imagine it. The phenom himself commentating Amateur boxing! The undertaker running lyrical on a group of aimless swinging punches. The Undertaker is known for his sense of humor, he would kill the world of commentating and take Rough N’ Rowdy and Barstool to a level it has never been to before.

Along with your soul!

Support. Harang, harass and pester Dave Portnoy until he puts in the phone call to the depths of hell and begs The Undertaker to commentate RNR.

If Dave begs hard enough, The Undertaker might just do it.

Costumes That Fuck

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