Dave Portnoy, This Is A WIN-WIN-WIN Solution (Feat. Terrence Ross)

So I was really angry with Dave Portnoy a few weeks ago for letting go of Mantis in the middle of a pandemic and then spunking $200,000 on a horse race. Considering Mantis was a key component of the fifth most popular video in the history of Barstool Sports. But that is the past, it’s time to move on with a solution that suits everybody.

So Dave just appeared in a video in which he said Nadu was struggling to find someone to work on his social media to promote his college basketball podcast. Now Mantis has launched a podcast and on his SECOND release he has featured a current NBA player. You see where this is going right? So why doesn’t Dave rehire Mantis to do the social media for Nadu’s college basketball podcast and bring in Mantis’ podcast into Barstool as an NBA podcast but also promotes Nadu’s college basketball podcast.

You see how this could work. Mantis has shown he’s all about the basketball and on his SECOND, yes SECOND podcast he features a current NBA player. Along with that Mantis shot a video out on the court. With all due respect all Barstool is doing is producing podcasts for basketball, but here’s Mantis doing BOTH podcasts and videos.

Let’s be real, if Dave Portnoy can find $200,000 to spunk on a horse race (and that doesn’t include the private jet and hotel bills) then surely he can find the money to rehire Mantis in some form of capacity. If his sales team can find a sponsor for Mantis’ NBA podcast then his wages are covered and Nadu gets free marketing for his podcast. Everybody wins.

But it doesn’t end there. Mantis has already got a sponsor from Manscape who Barstool Sports have worked with on a regular basis in the past.

These are all elements that can lead to solution in which everybody wins. More views, downloads, advertising revenue. You name it. Really just needs Dave to pull a few strings.

Costumes That Fuck

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