Thank You Dave #2

So I was listening to the start of the Dave Portnoy Podcast featuring Dave’s parents and Dave shone a lot on how his Mum is struggling through the coronavirus and is depressed and crying a lot. The truth is the coronavirus lockdown is effecting elderly people the most. Especially as they are socially distanced from their family, friends and even unable to go to the shops and I know the last few months have been very difficult for my Mum.

In March/April I got a terrible flu and then a heart infection which battered me for around three months. I had to keep all this from my parents as I know it would upset them as they couldn’t do anything about it as they had to be in lockdown. Once I was better I eventually told them, if I told my Mum I was ill and she couldn’t see me it would have made her incredibly upset. She was already struggling to sleep because she was worried about her son during a pandemic. If I told her I was ill and she couldn’t do anything about it, it probably would have turned her scatty.

So what I’m trying to get to is if you are having a bad time with the pandemic and lockdown if you double it and put a cherry on top that is how bad elderly people have it right now. So make an effort to stay in touch with your elderly family and relatives as much as possible. Try and use video conversations with them as much as possible so they can actually see you.

Remember, elderly people are the generation that have to have flu jabs each year. The flu is something that bothers them greatly so the least we can do is to keep in touch with them and do what we can to get them through the pandemic.

Thank you Dave for shining a light on this issue.

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