What Is Intern Elyse Up To? Look No Further

So I quite enjoyed the early episodes of the Dave Portnoy Podcast but I haven’t listened to the last few weeks after Dave let go of Mantis in the middle of a pandemic and then went gambling with tens of thousands of dollars. I thought that was an awful way to treat someone considering Mantis was a key component of Barstool’s fifth most popular video in the companies history. But I listened to this weeks podcast because Frank was on it. No Frank. No lisiten. But during the podcast they brought up Intern Elyse, a former Intern back in 2011 with Dave confident that she now has a good job and is successful. So what is Elyse up to?

Well Elyse is doing very well for herself. She is Vice President of Product Design at an investment bank. Elyse won favor with Dave after cleaning a cupboard but also seemed to have a lot going for her which she has developed into a successful career. So congratulations to her, sounds like she is doing very well for herself.

Costumes That Fuck

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