Barstool Sports Community, YOU Can Easily Make A Difference On Animal Cruelty

So you know those videos that you see on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook featuring animal rescues that get millions of views and the people uploading them make money from? Well the sad truth is that many of animal rescue videos are fake and when you watch these videos you are actually contributing to sometimes shocking cases of animal cruelty. But there is actually a simple way to make a difference and that is to stop watching all animal rescue videos. That is a commitment I have made because watching them is purely altruistic and I’m sure we can all forego watcging a specific type of video if it means an animal isn’t abused. Sometimes horrendously.

Now in a world in which huge media companies weren’t run by assholes both YouTube and Google would use more of their combined $230 billion in revenue to prevent these types of videos making their way on their platforms. But its actually YOU who needs to take action. Now I know this subject is sad and depressing but it’s important we know the truth when it comes to this subject. In the past, various online platforms including YouTube and Google have been hit by ‘adopoclypes’ with advertisers pulling their ads over racism, homophobia and other graphic content. But so far, advertisers won’t take a stand against social networks animial abuse videos. So its not just the tech companies who are to blame.

So if you want to stop people making money from abusing animals then I ask you to stop watching animal rescue videos. At least until the big tech companies have got a handle on this situation.

Thank You.

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