Barstool Sports Should Give This Kid A Break…He Has Insane Skills

So I’m sure you’ve seen the work of LegoBarstool. The insanely talented 15 year-old who makes custom-made Lego figures and entire scenes dedicated to Barstool Sports. Well the kid can also animate figures and with these skills and creativity Barstool Sports should hire him to make an advert for the Pardon My Take breakfast cereal for National Cereal Day on March 7th..please will love it.

With the kid being just 15, the experience of being hired by a major media brand will pop on his resume and as a contractor for a short gig I’m sure the kid will be more than happy to do it for a small fee. Plus, most importantly people will love it. The kid has major talent.

There’s still four months until National Cereal Day on March 7th and maybe the cereal won’t be on sale at that point but I’m sure Barstool can work with him on another project. He has real talent and creativity and I think its only reasonable that Barstool help convert it into it solid experience on his resume.

Costumes That Fuck

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