A Small Sample Of Why Barstool Sports Troopz Is A Complete Clown

So this is just a small sample of why Barstool Sports soccer content guy Troopz is a complete clown. So I watched a sample of the Back Again Podcast on YouTube in which Troopz claimed that “Southgate has not got a fucking clue and needs to do one”. But when you look at the facts, the facts which might hurt Troopz’ feelings, Gareth Southgate has actually done an excellent job as England manager. When Southgate was appointed permanent England manager in December 2017 England were 15th in the FIFA World Rankings. Today they are 4th. Southgate also led England to the Semi-Finals of World Cup 2018. England’s highest finish in a World Cup for 28 years. Only a clown would criticize Southgate as England manager after increasing their world rankings by 11 places and finishing in their highest position in a World Cup for 28 years.

Once Troopz goes beyond making content trashing Arsenal he has absolutely no clue what he is talking about because he is incapable of following basic factual information. Like England finishing in their highest World Cup position for 28 years. Calling for Southgate to be sacked is like calling for an NFL coach who rapidly improves the results of their team to be sacked. Maybe Troopz has something against football managers wearing waistcoats because he sure as hell isn’t noticing England’s improvement in results on the pitch. Troopz is nothing more than a clown who is going to embarrass Barstool Sports.

Costumes That Fuck

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