Is Barstool Sports Choosing Match Winners Based On The Color Of Their Skin? Sure Sounds It

So in between playing rounds of PUBG I listened to the most recent episode of Back Again in which the two hosts, Troopz and Zah, preview upcoming games for the weekend. When it came to Sheffield United v West Bromwich Albion (WBA) the two hosts came to the agreement that they wanted WBA to win because Callum Robinson plays for them.

Now you could say that having a specific player on a team is a plausible reason for wanting a team to win, but Troopz refers to Callum Robinson as his “bruddah” which denotes that Robinson is also black to which Zah refers to Robinson as a “light skinned fella” to which Troopz confirms. Between Troopz and Zah they don’t actually discuss the sporting merits of Callum Robinson or suggest that he is a better striker than Sheffield United have to offer, but instead focus on Robinson’s skin color.

This is like wanting the Kansas City Chiefs to win, not because Patrick Mahomes is a talented QB who throws the ball more accurately than the opponents QB. But instead wanting the Chiefs to win because Mahomes is a “light skinned fella” and his opponent QB who is a white man.

So if you are new to following English soccer you won’t learn whether Callum Robinson is an accurate striker of the ball or not. You will simply learn that he has the correct skin color that Troopz and Zah have a personal preference towards.

Does Barstool Sports really want its content creators to choose the winners of a sporting event not by the sporting prowess of the participants but by the color of their skin?

If so you will not learn anything from Barstool Sports content that you couldn’t learn by looking at a squad photo or the players Panani sticker.

The Back Again podcast is the biggest load of trash you could ever hammer down your ears and at times the two hosts don’t even have the basic facts or statistics at hand that they discuss on the podcast and have to Google them live during the show. Instead it appears that the two hosts are to busy checking the soccer players skin color instead of compiling meaningful stats.

Now I hope I’m wrong that Troopz and Zah didn’t just choose the winner of a match based on the color of a specific players skin. But by referring to Callum Robinson as a “light skinned fella” and not even mentioning a word of his abilities as a striker or his goal scoring form which are actual factors which decide whether a team wins or team sure as hell sounds it.

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One thought on “Is Barstool Sports Choosing Match Winners Based On The Color Of Their Skin? Sure Sounds It

  1. That’s like me saying I wanted Detroit to win on Thanksgiving because Stafford is white and that Watson guy is brown!? Shame on Barstool for allowing this!!


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