Troopz Is Completely Misleading People About Black Soccer Player Marcus Rashford

At the start of the video below, Troopz claims that Manchester United and England striker “Marcus Rashford has been doing great things in England, he’s been feeding the children”. Marcus Rashford is a black soccer player who donated £100,000 to FareShare, a children’s charity which provides food to underprivileged children. Rashford has also worked to pressure the British government into spending more money on children’s meals during the pandemic. Yet, Troopz’ claims that “he’s been feeding the children” are deeply deceptive and misleading. Whilst Marcus Rashford donated £100,000 to the FareShare charity, British supermarkets donated £20,000,0000. A number of soccer clubs have also donated large sums of money and resources from their stadiums to provide food for local children independently of the FareShare campaign. Yet because Marcus Rashford is black Troopz is manipulating the truth in an attempt to portray Marcus Rashford as a billionaire philanthropist figure who is personally feeding millions of children throughout England. Troopz has failed to disclose the work the soccer industry has done to feed children and also the £20m in donations from private businesses. Troopz is falsely portraying the contribution a black soccer player has made and is unable to portray factual information surrounding the donations a charity has received because Marcus Rashford is black.

But it actually it get’s worse. Troopz goes onto claim that “Marcus Rashford bought a few houses to actually help people” suggesting that Marcus Rashford was housing homeless people or supporting some form of charitable enterprise. Yet this is false and also completely misleading. Marcus Rashford revealed before Troopz’ podcast was released that purchasing a range of properties were personal financial investments to help secure the financial future of his family. So based on Troopz’ explanation any landlord in the world regardless of their race is behaving no differently than what Marcus Rashford is doing. So why is Troopz treating Marcus Rashford differently?

Troopz goes onto claim that the media are targeting Marcus Rashford because he is black. However, that is also false as Marcus Rashford has actually received less media coverage of his property portfolio than various white soccer players or celebrities have. Retired, soccer player Michael Owen who is white received criticism and ridicule from the media when he purchased a cluster of homes for his entire family to live in. The British media have also extensively covered the home of former professional soccer player and popular TV-pundit Gary Neville, who is white. Including publishing aerial photos of his home. Away from soccer the British media has also extensively covered the property of singer Ed Sheeran, including publishing detailed sketches of his private land. Therefore, to suggest that Marcus Rashford has been treated unfairly by the British media because he black is completely false. The publication of personal property details of white soccer players and white celebrities has actually been far more intrusive than those of black soccer player Marcus Rashford.

Yes, Marcus Rashford has done great things to feed children during the pandemic, but the donation from Marcus Rashford was only 0.05% of the money raised by the charity. A fact which Troopz completely ignores. Marcus Rashford has also purchased properties for his own personal wealth and faced less intrusion into his property portfolio than a range of white soccer players or celebrities. Which is completely different to what Troopz attempts to portray.

It is disappointing that Barstool Sports is producing factually false and misleading information based on the particular skin color of a professional sportsperson. Surely all of Barstool Sports content should be accurate and avoid misleading sports fans regardless of any reason. I wouldn’t believe a single word Troopz says.

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