How To Turn The Barstool Sportsbook $500 New User Bonus Into Guaranteed Profit (An Overview)

So let me cover a few important points:

  1. I don’t claim to be an expert on converting free bets into guaranteed profit and this is designed to only be an overview but I have made a guaranteed profit on approximately 50 free bets so I know it is completely feasible
  2. I am not going to recommend or link to any resources because you need to find resources which suit your personal needs
  3. I am not going to give specific guidance on the Barstool Sportsbook free bet because I don’t the terms and the terms may change. YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW THE FINE PRINT BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO MAKE A GUARANTEED PROFIT FROM A FREE BET

So here’s the thing. Almost all betting customers offer promotions and ‘free bets’ which can in some instances be turned into a guaranteed profit. In fact there is a small gambling industry sector that specializes in capitalizing on these offers. BUT YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW THE FINE PRINT TO ENSURE YOU USE THE FREE BET PROPERLY.

Free bets typically range between $5 to $20 but can reach as much as $1000 so the current $50 free bet from Barstool Sportsbook is very healthy and by using a method you can convert that free bet into around 60% of the value of free bet. So with the Barstool Sportsbook free bet you can walk away with around $300.

However, not all free bets are structured the same. For example, a free bet may only apply to certain sports, minimum and maximum odds and in many cases it must be your first bet.

The process works by placing a free bet on a team to win and then using a betting exchange to bet on the team to lose. For example, you log into Barstool Sportsbook and bet on a horse to win using the free bet. But you also bet on the horse to lose using a ‘Free Bet Calculator’ which uses the odds of the horse to win and the odds of the horse to lose to calculate how much you need to bet on the horse to lose to guarantee a profit. To bet on a sporting event to lose is called to LAY the bet.

If the horse wins the race Barstool Sportsbook will pay you as a winner excluding the value of the free bet. Once you minus the value you placed on the horse not to win the race you are guaranteed to make a profit.

If the horse loses the race the betting exchange will pay you as your lay bet won. You will not minus off the bet you placed with Barstool Sportsbook as you will receive this money back because it is a free bet. Resulting in a guaranteed profit.

A betting exchange is different to a conventional betting company because they act as ‘pier to pier’ platform which forms markets and offers betting odds based on what punters are placing bets on. So if you place a bet on a betting exchange and you win you will receive money from the people who bet on the opposite outcome of your selection. The betting exchanges generates revenue by taking a commission from the people who win their bet.

Now this is another reason why YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW THE FINE PRINT. A betting company may run a free bet on a specific sporting event but will add stipulations. For example, they may say we will offer a free bet on a Kansas City Chiefs game but you will only receive the free bet if Kansas City Chiefs win. So if Kansas City Chiefs lose or draw you do not receive the free bet You can still bet on the Chiefs to lose but they must win to receive the free bet.

US regulations also ban the use of no deposit bonuses so you must first deposit $500 or portion of it to access the free bet. So if you deposit $100 then you receive a $100 free bet. Many betting companies also implement ‘Play Through Requirements’ so that you need to place more than one bet to receive the free bet.

Now the idea of turning free bets into guaranteed profit may sound quite sneaky and even illegal. But betting companies no full well that this takes place. They even offer affiliate programmes to free betting websites who fully operate these transactions.

But why do betting companies offer free bets? Basically it is a highly effective form of marketing? Why spend millions of dollars on TV adverts when you can a targeted promotion for gamblers.

So I hope this is a useful overview on how to convert the Barstool Sportsbook free bet into a guaranteed profit but you must do you on research and find your own resources. Simply use Google to find more information and resources on how to generate a guaranteed profit from free bets.

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