Barstool Sports Back Again Show Is Racist Trash

The term “bounty” is a racist term used towards black people who adopt a ‘white persons lifestyle’ to portray them as traitors of their black heritage. For example, a black person who adopts a typically English accent. or goes onto make a lot of money and lives a comfortable lifestyle.

The term was used on Barstool Sports Back Again Show towards former England international John Barnes MBE. Barnes was born in Jamaica and could have played international soccer for Jamaica but went onto play for England throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. He is considered one of England’s most naturally gifted players of all time and broke down many racial barriers in English soccer including overcoming racial abuse not only from opposing players but players on his own team. Yet because Barnes went onto play for England he is seen as a Jamaican born citizen who left behind his Jamaican roots to play for a white international soccer team.

Yet to refer to him as a “bounty” is deeply offensive. Playing for England helped Barnes to raise his profile on the world stage and he now works in the media as respected but sometimes controversial football pundit. Referring to John Barnes as a “bounty” because he chose to play for England, the country where he became a football icon to young black players who also went onto play for England including Emile Heskey is a disgrace.

Costumes That Fuck

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