Barstool Sports, Soccer Is Not A Cash Cow And John Barnes Is Not A “Bounty”

Firstly, I don’t want to be trashing Barstool Sports but I feel I have no choice. What Barstool is doing by recruiting from AFTV and allowing the two appear in each others content is like watching the Titanic leave Southampton harbor. It is a disaster waiting to happen and we are already seeing the signs. The most obvious being the backlash to The Back Again Show launching an “Arteta Out” T-shirt calling for Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to be sacked less than an hour after Arsenal lost 2-0 to bitter North London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. This is typical response from Arsenal fans and there are over a 1,000 of them to the Tweet.

Feel free to spend some time going through the comments and see how angry people are with regular accusations that Troopz is trying to financially profit from Arsenals demise. So desperate is Troopz to make some money for Barstool Sports following the Black Friday weekend last week he completely overlooked a number of mitigating factors as to why releasing this t-shit was going to be a disaster:

  • Arteta is a former player and is still popular with many Arsenal fans
  • Many fans blame the clubs owners and the poor attitude of some of the players. Including Mesut Ozil who is accused of feigning injuries to get himself substituted
  • A number of fans believe that not having fans inside the stadium due to the coronavirus pandemic has damaged Arsenal’s form

Yes Arsenal are 15th in the table but to financially profit from their demise understandably went down like a lead balloon. Spend some time reading the comments yourself. But the actually, whilst it maybe popular is actually dreadful.

In one video Troopz has a guest on who between them refer to retired England international John Barnes as a “bounty” and a “milk-way” because he was born in Jamaica but played for England and was popular amongst white soccer fans. It basically means a black person trying to act as a white person.

Then we come onto one of the reasons why AFTV is so popular. If you watch AFTV’s content it heavily involves arguing and conflict and very little factual information. When the conflict is genuine then you could argue that the content is watchable and entertaining. But Troopz understands the ‘formula’ behind AFTV’s success which has lead him and Zah to have staged arguments including releasing a video of Troopz chasing after Zah.

Now I like Zah but this is simply designed to mimic the conflict between AFTV’s presenters. Zah is also far more knowledgable about soccer outside of Arsenal than Troopz. He also doesn’t have an agenda against the British media like Troopz does. When Troopz went on his rant about the racist British media he:

  • Failed to disclose black player Mason Greenwood was photographed inhaling a dangerous gas six weeks before his friend committed suicide which is why the media was heavily criticising Mason Greenwood
  • Failed to recognize that a white player, jack Grealish, had received equal backlash from the media when he was photographed inhaling the same substance in 2016
  • Falsely portrayed black player Marcus Rashford as “feeding the children” when he only donated £100,000. Failing to recognise that businesses donated £20 million and the British government had (reluctantly) increased its spending on tackling child poverty
  • Falsely portraying Marcus Rashford as buying property “to help people” when Rashford had confirmed that his property investments were typical financial investments
  • Failed to recognize that many white soccer players have been targeted by their media for their property investments including aerial photos and releasing details of planning permission applications
  • Failed to disclose that black player Kyle Walker was caught banging prostitutes in the middle of a pandemic

Troopz’ portrayal of the British media as racist was completely misleading and missing the essential context. I’m not suggesting that the British media aren’t perfect or any part of Britain is faultless but Troopz’ portrayal was just an amateur hatchet job by someone with a grudge. Perhaps that grudge is based on Troopz’ fondness for Mark Duggan, a black suspected murderer who was shot dead by the police. His shooting, which led to the 2011 London riots, was widely supported by the media.

But getting back to the Back Again Show referring to John Barnes as a “bounty” as this is what bothers me the most. Because if John Barnes is deemed as a “bounty” by Barstool for being as a sporting hero not only to black people but also to white people then doesn’t that mean that Deion Saunders is also a “bounty”. Or does Barstool Sports somehow have the ability to choose which nationalities or sports played by black people it can be offensive towards? Is a black soccer player a “bounty” but a black American player isn’t? I think we need some clarification on this from Barstool Sports.

If it is just black soccer players who are a “bounty” then why single out just one sport. Does Barstool Sports not appreciate soccer and just see it as a cash cow?

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