Fuck VAR Tee For £12.99, Not Barstool Sports £22.00 After Ripping Off Football Fans #SoccerIsNotACashCow

So let me be clear, I wouldn’t do this to Barstool Sports if is was any other sport but after releasing the “Arteta Out” tee for £22 an hour after Arsenal lost and with Partey injured and no Arsenal fans in the stadium to support their team. It’s clear football is just a cash cow to Barstool Sports. Barstool also have Troopz who last week compared a retired black player to a coconut chocolate bar to get views from soccer fans in America. The Barstool Sports ‘Fuck VAR’ tee is a whopping £22 plus £5.07 import tax. That’s £27.02 even before delivery! Now you can get it for £12.99 and if you can get it anywhere else for less then go for it.


FUCK VAR TEE / £12.99 Not £22.00

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