Dave Portnoy Has Corona Brain And Is Going To Give His Money To Robert De Niro And Bailout Politicians

Firstly, I don’t always pipe at Dave Portnoy. I did thank him for employing Frank on a full-time basis and for raising awareness of elderly people struggling with the lockdown. But in this in case I think we need to ask whether Dave Portnoy has corona brain. I think what he is doing is a terrible mistake and completely illogical.

So Dave made a video in which he ranted about restaurants in New York being forced to close but he has also agreed to match a $500,000 fund with Marcus Lemonis to support New York restaurants and bars. But the rant video and the combined $1,000,000 is just terrible and here’s why.

  • Dave has developed a pizza app and review videos which generates millions of dollars of free promotion for small businesses. Dave has also promoted a number of other small businesses. This is true commerce.
  • Marcus Lemonis is clearly being opportunistic and seeking to boost his public profile. If not he would have created his own $500,000 before Dave Portnoy made his video. Everyone is aware of the struggling businesses.
  • Rich people donating $1,000,000 to small businesses plays right into the hands of the politicians. This is exactly what they want.
  • Rich people are likely to tax hikes. Dave Portnoy will be paying out twice.
  • Some of the restaurants will be owned by rich individuals. Dave Portnoy could be giving some of his money to Robert De Niro who is estimated to be worth $500,000,000.
  • Dave Portnoy’s attitude that “New York may never recover” is terrible. London was bombed to pieces during WW2 and then experienced the Swinging ’60’s. The best time in cities experience.
  • Dave Portnoy suggesting people will only go to house parties. Dave appears to approve of people going to house parties if restaurants are closed.

But more importantly…Dave Portnoy has shifted the blame for businesses failing from politicians to rich people who aren’t raising funds for small businesses. If the pandemic returns in future years Dave will have to pay out even more money. He has made a rod for his own back.

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