3 Reasons Why It Must Be Hard For Troopz To Work With White People

Based on Troopz’ attitude towards white people it must be a challenge for him to both work for Barstool Sports and to be surrounded by so many white people. There are multiple occasions of Troopz taking significant issue with people:

1. Support For Black Gang Member And Suspected Murderer Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan was a known gang member who was considered by police to be “heavily active” in international drug trafficking and gun crime. He is suspected of shooting dead a man in a nightclub and in 2011 collected an illegal firearm on route to commit another gun crime. However, Duggan was under investigation by a dedicated anti-crime unit where he was confronted by armed police and shot dead. Following his death riots broke out across London and still today Duggan is seen as a victim of police brutality. Unfortunately, someone people including Troopz overlook the fact that he was in possession of an illegal firearm and is widely supported by Troopz. Personally I have absolutely no idea why a criminal should be treated different because of the color of their skin. Because Duggan is black it appears Troopz is insistent on supporting him against the ‘white system’ of oppression. Despite Duggan carrying an illegal handgun on his way to murder someone. What is it Duggan needed to the lose the support of Troopz? Shoot dead a child, commit five murders, sold drugs that lead to an accidental overdose. I’m not sure Troopz even knows.

Troopz supporting a black armed criminal who was lawfully shot dead by the police:

2. Troopz Manipulation Of Factual Information To Portray The British Media As Deeply Racist

In a recent podcast Troopz went a tirade in an attempt to portray the British media as racist. But what he discussing Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood and Troopz’ claim that the British media are targeting him following the suicide of his friend. Troopz completely failed to mention that Mason Greenwood was photographed inhaling a toxic gas six weeks before his friend committed suicide.

Troopz his rant against the British media Troopz also failed to reveal that black England international player Kyle Walker was caught with prostitutes in the early weeks of the coronavirus lockdown, Troopz also falsely claimed that black player Marcus Rashford purchased property to “help people”. In reality, Rashford bought the property as a typical financial investment. Now I’m not suggesting that the media are ‘perfect’ but to use complete false inforamtion and miss out vital context suggests that media are nowhere near as racist as they actually are.

Troopz fails to disclose the real reason why black player Mason Greenwood has been criticised by the media. Failing to reveal that Greenwood was caught inhaling a dangerous chemical:

3. Troopz Disregard For The Role Of White People In Football

Troopz claimed the England international team are being negatively impacted by a racist British media. However, England finished in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, there highest position for 28 years. Troopz also claimed Millwall Football Club is a “racist organizaion” yet Millwall donated their shirt sponsorship to anti-racism organization. Troopz also takes issue with black people who ‘betray’ their black heritage and play for predominantly white country. John Barnes was born in England but Jamaica but played for England. Leading to Troopz comparing John Barnes to coconut chocolate bar. Black on the outside, but white on the inside. Yet the most disturbing sign of Troopz’ attitude towards white people is his assertion that English Premier League referees are racist without any form of factual information or statistics. Instead asserting a referee is racist because his team is losing.

“Harry Kane is white, so he must be right”

Going forwards Troopz should stick to using factual information.

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