Arsenal Fans, (Sadly) Here’s Proof It Is Better For Barstool Sports If Arsenal Are Doing Badly

So let’s me be clear, I hate doing this but I always committed to be honest on this blog and for the betterment of English football I know this is the right thing to do.

So here’s the background. AFTV is a YouTube channel dedicated to Arsenal football club and AFTV have often been accused of capitalizing on Arsenal losing. So if Arsenal win their videos receive an average of 50,000 views. But if Arsenal lose then AFTV average 100,000 views, resulting in double the revenue for AFTV. Now the reason why the view count is higher when Arsenal lose is because the videos receive more conflict and arguments and as conflict is the root of all movies and popular forms of entertainment it is a popular element which is attractive to people. It’s similar to staged wrestling. The more conflict, the more views.

Now recently one of AFTV’s most popular members, Troopz, left AFTV to join Barstool Sports. However, this is Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, outlining that he finds Troopz and his relationship with existing Barstool employee, Zah, as “electric” together and suggests the two most important elements is that Zah is “the perfect foil” for Troopz and that Arsenal “are on the verge of getting relegated”.

This strongly suggests that Troopz and Zah are working together to create staged content and that the content is more powerful when Arsenal are performing poorly.

But I want to break this down into two parts:

1. Dave Portnoy says “there’s no way coming in here Troopz knew that we would have the perfect foil”. Firstly, this is false because Troopz visited New York last December and met with Zah where they filmed an Arsenal match together. That side there have been accusations that some of Troopz and Zah’s content is staged whereby they both ensure they disagree with one another to amp up the arguments and conflict. Now, the most conflict is that Troopz is “Arteta Out”. But to raise conflict he needs a “foil” who will have the opposite opinion. This is why Zah is “Arteta In” and defends his position. Basically, Zah acts as “foil” for Troopz so that the pair can stage arguments in order to boost views.

2. Dave Portnoy says Troopz and Zah are electric because Arsenal “are on the verge of getting relegated”. Firstly, despite what Troopz has been telling Dave Portnoy, Arsenal are not on the verge of being relegated because the current season is only a third of the way through. There are still 75 points out of a total 114 points available for the season. But that aside, this shows that Arsenal playing poorly and being close to the relegation zone adds a signpificant element to Troopz and Zah being “electric”. The worse Arsenal perform the more “electric” Troopz and Zah are as a content partnership which strongly suggests it is better for Barstool Sports if Arsenal are losing. Generating Barstool Sports more views and more revenue.

As I stated at the beginning, this is something like I want to do but it simply appears that Barstool Sports currently don’t fully understand English football and are treating it simply as a business opportunity instead of something they are truly passionate about such as American football which is by far Barstool Sports most popular and genuine sports content.

This was shared on the Dave Portnoy Show:


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