Erika Nardini’s Woke Identity Politics Is Harmful To Barstool Sports Brand And Helps To Further Damage The Comic Book Industry

So last week Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini released what appears to be a draft cover for a comic book for her ‘Token CEO’ brand and its been bothering me. Not because it looks boring, but because its clearly part of Erika’s woke identity politics agenda to portray white skinny women as more interesting than they actually are and that the rest of us should take white skinny women more seriously. A woke, identity politics agenda which simultaneously damages Barstool Sports brand and shits all over what helped to make comic books such an iconic format.

But before we proceed let’s consider what identity politics is…

Identity politics is a term that describes a political approach wherein people of a particular religion, race, social background, class or other identifying factor develop political agendas and organize based upon the interlocking systems of oppression that affect their lives and come from their various identities.

Identity politics is widely displayed by using false narratives and manipulating factual information to portray a false depiction of reality. Basically it is propaganda. For example, Trysta Krick’s published a basketball blog post in which she failed to disclose that some of the black coaches she claimed had been overlooked for a job had previously been coaches and failed to impress during their time as a coach. But more and more people are noticing that they can hire a comic book artist and writer to create completely false narratives based around a political agenda. Why take the risk of manipulating facts to support your argument with ‘fake news’ when you can use stories to coerce people into supporting your woke agenda. So sadly, gone are the days of comic books being used as a form of entertainment, they are now being used as a form of cultural and political propaganda.

But now let’s get to the Token CEO comic book itself. Just as Deadspin reporters know fuck all about sport and instead focus on a range of bizarre political agendas, Erika Nardini knows fuck all about the comic book industry and is simply using the format to pump out virtue signalling propaganda which basically revolves around the concept of: ‘Skinny women can be interesting and should be respected. Everyone else, stop what you’re doing and start taking us more seriously’.

Just fuck off.

This woke, sanctimonious, personality driven politics is just a stunt for Erika Nardini to use Barstool Sports and the once heralded format of comic books to portray herself as someone she isn’t… twenty years younger and impossibly muscular. It’s pathetic. Aside from a cameo the cringiest thing anyone can do is to self-insert themselves in a comic book. Can you imagine if Stan Lee made a comic book around himself. Featuring as a cameo in the movies is cool, entering yourself into a comic is just cringe. But sadly those who think they know better than us mere mortals are doing it with increasing regularity. After all, its relatively cheap and supposedly works because in recent years comic books have been turned into huge cultural icons thanks to Disney – a company run by a white man making vast sums of money whilst paying his female staff less than the male staff.

Depending on what chart you believe, the top selling comic book of all time is X-Men #1. Beyond the quality of the artwork the Token CEO comic book is clearly designed to present a political agenda that skinny women should be taken seriously. Including the token black girl who rests her feet and sips on a cappuccino whilst the white girls jump into action and flex their unique hairstyles yet all share the same waistline. Included on the cover are tokenistic traits shared by billions of people from around the world from drinking wine through to playing video games to help ensure these women fit in to other peoples expectations. Fuck off is this a comic book. Comic books are based on challenging people, not trying to fit in or pander to people.

Now this is a comic book…

The comic book industry was founded upon completely different values to Erika Nardini and her woke agenda. Creating characters who were temporarily allowed to be someone they will never become. Yet the Token CEO comic book is about taking ‘ironically imperfect women’ and showing us that they have mind-numbingly boring flaws and are just like the rest of us ‘normal people’. But should also be taken more seriously. Or some woke feminist shit like that.

But what are the women’s major characteristic flaws? Is it Batman’s paranoia of other people after watching his parents being murdered or Spiderman’s teenage selfishness as he battles with the responsibility of being a superhero? No, in the case of the Token CEO comic book the characters flaws stretch from putting a sweater on back to front or being to lazy to go to the gym three days in a row. Just fuck off you woke shit and stop playing your role in ruining the comic book industry.

In fact the comic book industry has been decimated by Erika’s form of woke identity politics and the Token CEO comic book is simply helping to make it worse. Take this comic book from DC Comics as an example. Female superhero ‘Starfire’ was introduced by DC Comics on Twitter just a few days ago and was so heavily criticized and lambasted DC Comics were forced to disable the comments.

Not because its a bad comic book, but because its a piece of propaganda from its woke activist author.

Thanks to woke political agendas the comic book industry has gone from a fountain of inspiration and creativity to a puddle of shitty propaganda with every political agenda imaginable using comic books to ‘re-educate people’. But now its Erika’s turn to re-educate non-skinny white women on how skinny women are actually a lot more interesting than they appear on the surface. Bullshit. Using comic books is not only lazy its completely void of any meaningful creativity. Why create multi-layered superhero’s who will still fascinate people fifty years down the line when you can try desperately to portray a skinny woman as someone who’s actually interesting just because they exist. Fuck off.

But the woke virtue signalling from Erika doesn’t stop with a comic book. Whilst Barstool Sports is trying to build itself as a brand for everyone. Somehow and inexplicably you can only buy Barstool Sports wine if you are a skinny woman also with the most tedious personality flaws imaginable. The wine was run on a ‘Drink Like a Girl’ promotion. Maybe it should be renamed ‘Drink Like A Skinny White Girl To Support A Political Agenda That A Free Market Economy Should Be Manipulated To Convince People Watch Women’s Sport’. Because even the average sized woman who wants to get shitfaced on wine is excluded from purchasing this wine? Is the average sized woman not worthy of Barstool Sports wine? If so Barstool Sports soon won’t be worthy of her. Take note Barstool Sports.

In todays world to be a feminist you have to wear a particular t-shirt, read the right magazine, watch the right movie and drink wine from the right bottle. But its all bullshit. Just like the millions of feminists who went to watch Captain Marvel at the cinema after it was actively promoted as a feminist movie. Yet in reality its producer, Disney, pay women less than men. Why does Disney need to pay women the same as men when millions of feminists will still give them their money? The answer is they don’t. Capitalism has hijacked feminism and turned it into a customer focus group. From which businesses, now including Barstool Sports will make money from.

The suffragette movement of the 1930’s was incredibly effective because they weren’t bombarded by clever marketing or its members sought to financially capitalize on what they were doing. But today, feminists think that making money from feminism and personality driven politics is progress. Yet this form of woke marketing is helping to create a woke culture based on compliance. In Erika’s view, only skinny white women can buy Barstool Sports wine. But it also about attention seeking and raising the profile of a group of people who falsely believe they should be more important than they are. If you want attention, you earn it. What you don’t do is hire some guy to draw pictures of you to make you look different. Just be yourself and if others don’t like it then try harder or tell them to fuck off. However, it could be argued that Erika is using the Barstool Sports platform to promote ‘social justice’ as opposed to personality politics. If so why not set up a ‘Barstool Sports: Good Causes’ area but is that not political enough or ‘cool’ enough for Erika. Will her woke friends not take her seriously unless she is trying to shape society by using her personal ego to tell people how they should lead their lives? But the truth is I’m completely confused about the logic of trying to raise the profile of women but then only using images of skinny white women to help sell a product. It is widely regarded that Erika has done excellent job of building the Barstool Sports brand across social media but I cannot see the point of building a brand only to destroy it with woke activism. Especially when you have to use fictionalized characters to get your message across because no one is eating your shit when you put it out yourself.

But now we come to the ultra woke Token CEO Podcast. Ironically, despite being the CEO of a capitalist organisation in a free market society with its founder pumping away on the stock exchange, Erika is adamant that the free market economics of America’s ‘free world’ should be ripped up when it comes to the sports industry and instead businesses trying to draw a profit from the industry should somehow find the money to ensure a woman’s ice hockey match is filmed from the same angles as a professional men’s game. Falsely portraying a women’s ice hockey match as professional when simply not enough people want to watch it for a business to he able to pay the wages of a full crew of camera operators. But never mind, when reality gets in the way what better way to convince people they are wrong than by using comic book characters?

You see, sports fans can no longer choose what they want to watch and have profitable business people serve them with that content. Now the CEO of a popular sports blog will tell businesses how they should be behaving to convince us ‘laymen folk’ what we should be watching. Because of course, its always the masses who are wrong. But, of course it’s also sexist of me to remind Erika that she doesn’t hear men whinging when sports like rugby league or motorbike speedway struggle to draw an audience. Men just accept the fact that the masses simply aren’t interested. As much as you try, you can’t polish a turd and some people will even try to ignore facts or use a comic book to convince people otherwise.

The point in history when women’s sport was most popular was in Britain during World War One. With the men away at war women’s soccer regularly attracted crowds of 80,000. Yet now women’s soccer its lucky to attract crowds of 8,000. Even though the population of the UK has almost doubled from 36 million to 65 million since 1914. People are simply not interested in watching women’s sport unless the more athletic men are out of town. These are facts and I’m sorry if facts hurt peoples feelings. But if men are so bad why don’t women create their own sports and bring something new to the table. Or is that simply to much to expect?

Basically, sort your own shit out…. If women aren’t prepared to support women’s sport then why leave it to businesses accountable to shareholders to financial support women’s sport. Sport is not a charity and surely it can’t be healthy to teach young women that if the sport they want to play isn’t popular enough to financially afford the same resources as men’s sport then businesses founded by men will fund it. It seems completely counterproductive. If men’s sport exists then people know women’s sport also exists but only a select few people want to watch it. That’s how a free market economy works. The same free market economy that Dave Portnoy is trading shares in. No market need to be rigged or manipulated. Let consumers decide or make the product good enough that sports fans will be missing out if they don’t watch it. But clearly sports fans believe they are not missing out on anything if they don’t watch women’s sport. Anyway, regardless of what your views are towards the gender politics of sport what the fuck does it have to do with Barstool Sports and its brand? The answer is fuck all.

But now let’s look at the political agenda being brought into Barstool Sports by Erika to help make Barstool even more woke. Who is it who hired Troopz who went on a factually false rants on how racist the British media is:

  • Falsely claimed black soccer player Marcus Rashford purchased property to ‘help people’ and claimed the British media were racist for reporting Rashford’s property investments. Yet the British media have published thousands of identical articles about the property dealings of white sports people and white celebrities
  • Claimed Millwall Football Club is a ‘racist organization’ yet they donated their shirt sponsorship to an anti-racism charity. Troopz heavily criticized the anti-racism charity without putting forward any constructive suggestions on how to improve race relations but instead went onto discuss right-wing political activist Tommy Robison and his alleged role in race riots nearly six months prior
  • Compared a retired black soccer player to a coconut chocolate bar because he was born in Jamaica but played for England. The same black player who went onto to inspire a whole new generation of black players to play for England
  • Tried to claim that the British media was targeting black player Mason Greenwood who was struggling with the suicide of his friend, a youth soccer player at Manchester City. Yet Troopz failed to reveal that Mason Greenwood was photographed inhaling a dangerous chemical which can lead to paralysis six weeks before his friends committed suicide which is why the media targeted Mason Greenwood for criticism.
  • Tried to accuse the British media of being racist without disclosing black player Kyle Walker was caught banging prostitutes in the opening weeks of the pandemic lockdown. Is the media in a free society not able to report on people if they have a particular skin color? Yes, the concept is ridiculous but when you are riven with a political agenda anything is possible.

But perhaps instead of deliberately bringing political agendas into Barstool Sports through hiring decisions, Erika Nardini’s own political agenda has allowed her to take her ‘eye off the ball’ as to who is suitable for Barstool Sports to hire. Indeed, the concept of expanding into soccer by targeting Arsenal fans is simply nonsensical considering Arsenal have been on a downward slide for almost ten years. Leaving their fans angry and cynical. Especially towards Americans following AFTV and Troopz bombarding Arsenal fans with messages of how American businessman and Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has ruined their club with accusations that he is not funding the club properly. Despite Arsenal having the current highest paid Premier League player on £400,000 a week.

Following a recent loss to Burnley, Barstool Sports rushed a t-shirt calling for the Arsenal manager to be sacked. Arsenal fans were understandably angry and the t-shirt was removed from sale. Damaging the Barstool Sports brand and potentially damaging Barstool Sports merchandise sales throughout the sport. Instead it would have been far more logical to begin creating content for a team like Liverpool. Current Premier League champions, Liverpool are riding high and their fans would be far more receptive to fun content which focuses on their success and builds trust in Barstool Sports brand. But when your blinded by political agendas it’s easy to miss the obvious. After targeting Stan Kroenke for unwarranted levels of criticism, one social media follower of Troopz found the home address of Stan Kroenke’s wife and Tweeted it to Troopz. In soccer, when you put out vindictive content you get it back.

But why are we even discussing why only skinny women appear on a comic book cover? Or why wine is only marketed to skinny women? Or whether Tommy Robinson turned up to a race riot or not? This isn’t what the Barstool Sports brand is about. From the words of Dave Portnoy himself “if you want to make political content go and work for a politics website.” At this rate Dave might as well interview Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pence but either way, Erika’s politically driven content needs to go. It does not suit Barstool Sports at all.

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