Thank You Dave #3

So firstly I was wrong. I made light of Dave’s efforts to support an entire industry which was being devastated by the coronavirus. Suggesting that Dave was going to give his money to rich restaurant owners like Robert De Niro who is reportedly worth $500m and to also provide politicians with someone to blame for businesses closing…rich people who aren’t giving money to help local businesses. However, I was influenced by Marcus Lemonis who seemed to be using the opportunity of working with Dave Portnoy to raise his own personal profile. Lemonis is worth a reported $900m and I’m sure he would have the connections to communicate with Dave privately instead of calling him out publicly via Twitter. That seemed like a cheap shot and Dave responded by accepting the challenge – again publicly.

It also shocks me that there is seemingly no furlough scheme in place for staff. In the UK the government has confirmed it will pay 70% (it might be 80%) of employees wages up until April. That’s right, April. Like Dave says, it needs the American government to provide billions of dollars to help ensure people are able to survive and businesses remain open. But Dave clearly deserves great credit for not only donating $500,000 but also mobilizing the Barstool Sports fanbase to raise even more money. Its clear that Dave’s ability to get this going comes from his experience of running a business. You have take responsibility and take action. It’s you who has to step up make the change you want to see.

$PENN Coffee Mug

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