Constructive Criticism Towards Barstool Sports Soccer Content

At some point in the future Barstool Sports will have quality soccer content and it’s understandable that it will take time. But after watching the previous two live streams from the Back Again shpw (Burnley and Southampton) I simply couldn’t face a third show of Troopz and Zah trashing Arsenal like wild animals. It soon gets boring with the same old tropes being repeated over and over. Even if Arsenal won they would have picked faults because of the poor form Arsenal so far this season. So I want to share constructive feedback to improve the experience of football fans and the key factor is context. The Premier League has 20 teams so context is everything:

  • Cover scores from teams competing with Arsenal in the league. Following Arsenals loss to Everton which left Arsenal in 15th position Fulham drew 1-1 with Newcastle. Yet if Fulham won they would have been just two points behind Arsenal. Fulham are a newly promoted team to the Premier League and for Fulham to be just a few points behind Arsenal shows just how poorly Arsenal are performing this season. However, across Twitter there was no mention of how close Fulham came to being just two points behind Arsenal after 13 games.
  • A number of strong teams from around Europe are performing poorly. Anderlecht, Barcelona, Celtic, Man City and PSG for example are all having underwhelming seasons. Perhaps certain teams are being affected by coronavirus more than others. Instead of ranting about Arsenals poor performance add more context and explanation as to why Arsenal maybe in the position they find themselves in. Considering Arsenal are current FA Cup Holders is it the fault of the manager or reasons completely outside of his control?
  • Have more variety of the teams covered in Watch Alongs. I can understand Troopz covering Arsenal during live matches because he came from AFTV but it would be interesting to have other teams covered. Bringing in fans from other clubs. It would be great for Zah to cover a match alongside someone else from Barstool. For example, yesterday Manchester United are playing Leeds. A traditional rivalry which finishes 6-2. Yet the match receives almost no coverage on the day of the match.
  • Add more commentary of what is taking place on the pitch. I have very little interesting in listening to a live stream of a football match where I am not being told what is actually taking place on the pitch. Football radio commentary provides a blow-by-blow account of what is happening. Yet a mixture of Barstool Sports humor along with a stronger visualization of what is happening would work much better.
  • Produce a weekly short podcast with an existing employee of Barstool Sports. The episode featuring Big Cat worked very well and enables people who are less familiar with soccer to discuss their interest in soccer and to learn about the game.

I’m sorry, but ranting and raving over Arsenal soon gets boring. There are five months left of the season and as a football fan I have absolutely no desire to listening to people ranting about Arsenal for any longer than I have to.

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