Dave Portnoy, Launch Barstool Comedy Club And Make Some Money For The Barstool Fund

So Barstool Sports could launch a live comedy club event with the potential to become a popular vertical. Currently Barstool Sports could launch a comedy event vertical to raise money for comedy clubs by selling tickets to online events held at the club including access to a password protected recording of the session. At just $5 per online ticket it could raise $25,000 if 5,000 tickets are sold and that doesn’t include the t-shirts which could be bundled in with the ticket. So $30 for a ticket and tee-shirt. Long-term Barstool can also use it to host their own events either online or at large venues as part of their regular business. Barstool Sports is also opening its own range of bars so it could use this vertical to sell comedy tickets and promote its bars at the same time. It also opens up the opportunity for Barstool to sign comedians which it helps to promote by selling merchandise. But short-term it offers a great way to help comedy clubs. The comedians can also use it as an opportunity to earn money during the pandemic. So five comedians make $1,000 each and the comedy club keeps $20,000 to keep paying their staff. Long-term it also enables to Barstool Sports to host large comedy events for charity. Working with popular comedians could raise six-figure sums for future emergency events. God forbid Covid returns in future years Barstool could run fornightly online comedy gigs raising $100,000 on top of what the current fund is doing.

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