The Future of Barstool Sports Because Of Erika Nardini

1. Promoting a media organization run by a black man that called an Asian soccer player a “DVD seller” and called a black hooligan a “legend” because he was sent to prison for his involvement in the murder of a white soccer fan

2. Mocking the political leader of the worlds second biggest democractic country for being removed from a mass communication platform

3. Women saying “fuck” on podcasts because Joe Rogan did it two years prieviously

4. Producing woke comic books based on promoting skinny white women and using images of token black women

5. Marketing wine only to skinny white women

6. Recruiting content creators who compare soccer players to coconut chocolate bars because they were born in Jamaica but played for England

7. Recruiting content creators who mislead people about the British media because they support someone who was lawfully shot dead by the police because he was in possession of an illegal handgun on route to commit murder

8. Women talking about weed on a podcast because Elon Musk did it two years previously

More of the same to come…should be fun…

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