Erika Nardini Had No Intention Of Promoting The NWHL. She Always Wanted To Shut Them Down And Launch Her Own Women’s Hockey League

If you were the CEO of a sports blog and you wanted to promote the National Women’s Hockey League wouldn’t you contact the people running the NWHL and put a plan together of how they can work together to promote the league? Wouldn’t that be the most common sense thing to do. Instead Erika produced a podcast heavily criticizing the camera footage of women’s hockey including sharing footage of how poor the camera angles are. The reason why the camera angles are so limited is because women’s hockey simply doesn’t generate enough money to fund camera crews, live editors and producers. They simply have to make do what that they can afford. So why criticize the NWHL and why not work with them directly to build audiences and attract investors into the teams?

Erika announced at the end of the year that Barstool Sports was planning to move into more live events. One live event brand Barstool Sports owns is Rough N’ Rowdy. One that generates revenue and helps to grow the Barstool Sports brand from an activity that Dave Portnoy has said he has always enjoyed. He was at an amateur boxing event and offered to buy the company which is now Rough N’ Rowdy. But now its Erika Nardini’s turn to launch her own live events brand and as she is a fan of women’s hockey so her plan has always been to launch her own women’s hockey league. This is why Erika didn’t work directly with the NWHL and why Erika criticized the NWHL over something they had little control over. Erika never intended to promote the NWHL. She wanted to create the situation where she could create her own women’s hockey league and it would be Barstool Sports who would won own the media rights to the league, not the NWHL.

So where are we now? Erika is now in the process of setting up a Barstool Sports Women’s Hockey League. Which is what Erika always wanted. This is why Erika criticized the NWHL over something they have very little control over and didn’t work with them directly. Erika has always intended to shut down the NWHL and create her own women’s hockey league.

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