Erika Nardini Is A Woke Piece Of Trash

I started listening to a recent episode of Token CEO (Smile Through The Suck, 21/01/21) and to my amazement Erika Nardini celebrated a number of recently introduced politicians by the new US government administration. Yet what Erika focussed on wasn’t the policies or experience of the politicians but their identity politics. Their policies may lead to an increase in child poverty or an increase in child trafficking yet this is somehow completely immaterial to Erika Nardini. Instead, what is important to Erika is the color of their skin and what is, or isn’t in between the politicians legs.

Now if black or transgender politicians performed better than white, heterosexual politicians then it would be logical to focus solely on identity politics. But in the example of Africa there is no proof that black politicians perform better than white politicians or there wouldn’t be hundreds of millions of people living in poverty or there wouldn’t an estimated six million slaves throughout Africa. South Africa which has the highest number of white politicians in an African country wouldn’t have the best living standards across Africa. It would have the worst.

The policies of the politicians Erika Nardini celebrates may return America to the days of dropping bombs on innocent women and children from drones or it may even be to introduce mass slavery across America. Yet as long these politicians tick the correct identity politics boxes then Erika Nardini is seemingly disinterested.

Perhaps Erika congratulates the introduction of politicians based on nothing more than the color of their skin or what is or isn’t in between their legs based on the guilt of earning her income working for a business founded by a white man.

Either way, it’s ridiculous that someone that has a platform like Erika Nardini has at Barstool Sports has no concern about the policies of a politician but instead their identity politics. We saw in Germany during the last century what happens when people were elected based on their identity politics instead of their policies. Let’s continue electing people based on their policies.

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