Erika Nardini Is Commercializing Feminism At An Incredible Pace For Her Male Bosses

In an ideal world women would play an equal role to men in the workplace and in politics as men. Being completely free-thinking and functioning completely independently.. The archetypal ‘Independent Woman’ made popular by the music of Beyonce Knowles. Yet what Erika Nardini is helping to create a society of women subservient to the commercialized recommendations of a businesswoman working for a business owned by male shareholders.

In recent weeks Erika Nardini has launched a series of brands and slogans including Drink Like A Girl. Work Like A Girl, Dress Like A Girl, Run Like A GIrl and even Skate Like A Girl. How are women supposed to be independent when they are convinced they can only function effectively as a woman if they are buying merchandise from a company owned by a group of men. A business owned by men telling women how to act, how to behave and when they should purchase merchandise. And for anyone who thinks the use of these slogans isn’t for commercial reasons why are some of them being trademarked? The male shareholders are simply profiteering from commercialized feminism.

Erika Nardini is helping to create a society and a marketplace of women who must listen to her podcast and buy her merchandise in order to function effectively as a woman. Unless women purchase Skate Like A Girl merchandise they are simply not skating they like should be. They are not skating like a girl, they are skating like someone inferior to how girls should skate.

Now some people may believe that creating a marketing messages designed to support and encourage women is necessary because of toxic masculinity which controls and limits the potential of women. And to those people I say follow the money as it ends up with the very same people perpetuating toxic masculinity. The male shareholders who are making a portion of their b=income by creating hordes of subservient women to commercialized feminist slogans like ‘Dress Like A Girl’ and ‘Work Like A Girl’. Erika Nardini is a millionaire woman who has become a highly effective pawn for men far wealthier than she is who want to target the female audience.

Now I’m not suggesting Erika Nardini is a ‘token CEO’ because she is female but after trademarking terms designed to encourage women to behave in a certain way for commercial reasons it’s clear which side Erika is buttered on. The side that makes her wealthy male bosses even wealthier regardless of how much it undermines the concept of an ‘Independent Woman’. However, if Erika Nardini owned her own company then there may be some validity to creating a platform designed to encourage women to buy merchandise as cult followers of trademarked slogans. But to put it bluntly, women are being scammed and duped by the commercialization of gender equality and modern day feminism. This is the suffragettes collecting taxes for the male overlords and Erika Nardini knows exactly what she is doing.

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