Holy Moly! Barstool Sportsbook New Member Offer Increased To $1000

So recently we produced a guide on how gamblers can turn Barstool Sportsbooks new member offer into guaranteed profit. At the time it was $500 which could be converted into a guaranteed profit of around $300 by following the right steps and following the fine print. But Barstool has now upped the member offer to a massive $1000. The standard for ‘free bets’ is to convert them into around 60% of betting websites offer. So new the offer will produce around an incredibly healthy $600.

The process, often referred to as ‘matched betting’ is completely legal and once you get the hang of it gets much easier but a nightmare to explain. But basically you bet on a team to win and then bet on the team to lose using a betting exchange. Which means instead of backing the bet, you ‘lay’ the bet to lose. Backing a team to win and laying it to lose will lose you money. But then you receive a free.

So might lose $10 but then receive a $30 free bet which you convert $20 which leaves you with a $20 profit.

Now I can’t stress this enough…it is vital that you read the fine print because it some instances the free bet only pays out if your bet loses. So you if bet on a soccer team to win and they do win you won’t receive the free pay out. But following the right methods they are great way to make a profit. You just need to follow the right steps.

Just make sure to do your own research, YouTube is a great place for videos which go step-by-step and make sure you use an accurate matched betting calculator.

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