Dave Portnoy, I Tried Warning You

So I have published several articles criticizing the recruitment of Troopz from AFTV. Including when the hiring was announced. I was accused by one member of Barstool Sports of being racist and referred to as a ‘ham’ on Twitter. But it turns out I was right and that Troopz is a piece of shit you step over on the pavement.

In the clip below he is telling a female Tottenham Hotspur content creator to suck a dick because Troopz disagrees with her content. Tottenham are arch-rivals of Arsenal and thankfully even Arsenal fans are calling this out as disgusting. The vast majority of fans want ‘banter’. Fun and entertaining jokes. Not telling female content creators to put a dick in their mouth because they disagree with them.

But what I find ironic about this is that it was the super-woke CEO of Barstool Sports, Erika Nardini, who hired Troopz. Dave Portnoy had very little input into the decision to hire Troopz. But why is Erika Nardini super-woke? Well it’s because she supports politicians based on their identity politics such as their race or their genitalia and creates a comic book for ‘Token CEO’ podcast featuring token black women.

Troopz has already lied to fans of Barstool Sports over the ‘Arteta Out’ tshirt by claiming he wasn’t involved in promoting the t-shirt only for a video of him promoting the t-shirt to surface. But now he telling female content creators to suck dicks because he disagrees with their views.

You won’t find worse soccer content anywhere on the internet than this prick. Troopz needs to go and Erika Nardini should have no involvement in recruiting content creators. And I’m owed an apology or being accused of being racist by Barstool Sports when I was right all along.

I tried warning you Dave!

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