Kayce Smith Is No Role Model For Young Women

I want you to imagine that an employee at Deadspin verbally abused a female YouTuber by telling her to put a dick in her mouth. Then it transpires that the Deadsin employee had previously told another woman that she was a “dead baby mother”. Understandably Kayce would call it out and produce various pieces of content complaining about the behavior of the Deadspin employee. Perhaps even calling for the Deadspin employee to be sacked.

Yet Kayce goes quiet when a colleague at Barstool Sports verbally abuses a woman online. Young women need women in public roles who are prepared to take action against all forms of verbal abuse towards to women. Of course, Kayce shouldn’t have to but the reality is women need to be bolder and take more risks if they are going to force the change that is needed.

Erika Nardini is commercializing feminism by making money from feminist merchandise, only for white male capitalists like Dave Portnoy to spend the profits in Miami strip clubs. Kayce will ‘turtle’ and keep her head down when her male colleagues at Barstool verbally abuse women online. So who is going to make the change that is needed?

Well, sadly, it isn’t Kayce.

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