Always Ignore Barstool Sports Virtue Signalling Until You Know You Can Trust It

The Token CEO Twitter account has a released a photo of the female executives at Barstool Sports. The Tweet reads “In case you didn’t know… @barstoolsports’s executive team is mainly women”. Although it fails to showcase the male executives at Barstool Sports, the fact that most of the executives at Barstool Sports are female could be considered a positive. However, what this Tweet fails to tell you is whether the female executives are paid the same as the male executives not shown in the photo.

Disney generated $1.5 billion in revenue from its movie Captain Marvel. It was marketed by the female lead actress and female director by telling people that the movie was a feminist movie. Yet Disney are notorious for paying their female staff less than their male staff. In the UK businesses with more than 2.500 employees are required by law to submit the gender pay balance. The annual reports released in the UK regularly show that Disney pay their male staff more than their female staff. In America, Disney regularly faces lawsuits from female staff of pay inequality.

So when a business virtue signals and tells you how progressive they are towards feminism take the time to look under the hood. Quite often businesses are just virtue signalling yet the most significant facts are not quite what a business is telling you.

How do you know the women in this photo are paid the same as their male colleagues? You don’t and in most cases they aren’t.

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