Two Reasons Why Kayce Smith Is A Walking Disaster For Feminism

So this blog post is designed to be medicine. You don’t like the taste of it but it actually does you good.

So Kayce Smith went on the Token CEO podcast and whined like an adult baby about how women are under so much pressure that if they take time off work to raise children they are not giving enough time to fulfil the demands of their career and if women focus on their career to much they are accused of not spending enough time raising a family. So essentially woman are ‘wrong’ regardless of what they do in life. But this mentality is completely false and is a product of capitalism and ‘equality’. You see, there was once a time when couples were unable to get shared mortgages and only the man could get a mortgage. This meant that women had far more options in life. If they wanted to stay at home raising children they could do and the living standards of the family would still be healthy. But one day banks decided that both members of a couple could get a mortgage. Resulting in both the man and the woman taking on debt, resulting in them both having to work in order to afford a house. Now, most women no longer have the choice to quit their jobs and raise children or they would literally lose their home and for couples who can afford to live on the mans income the mother is still under pressure to compete against the vast majority of women who can’t afford to give up their jobs. Men are slaves to the debt of a mortgage and now women have joined them. But almost all men have no desire to quit their jobs to raise a family so their is an imbalance of desire which is now causing friction between men and women. But because women are being conditioned by capitalism to believe that taking on the debt of a shared mortgage is a good thing it leads women to a point where Kayce finds herself. Believing that she is a victim of what other people want, yet its actually the banks who offer shared mortgages who are to blame. Trapping women in mortgage debt which takes away the option of quitting their jobs to raise a family. Kayce can try and convince herself along with other women that it doesn’t matter women now women have less choice of what they do with their lives, but of course it matters.

Now this bring is me on to my second reason why Kayce Smith is a walking disaster for feminism. So women have an incredible level of untapped power, in millions of households across western society it is the female partner who decides almost everything. From which brand of breakfast cereal the family buys through to which airline company to use to go on vacation with. The result is women now control 75% of all consumer spending. But because women lack men’s skill of collective bargaining women are still paid less than men. However, let’s say for example Amazon were found to pay women less than men. Could you imagine how quickly that would change if millions of women boycotted Amazon. Amazon, on average, would be faced with losing 75% of their revenue. Destroying the company and sending them bankrupt within a matter of months. Could you also imagine the shockwaves it would cause, companies in every industry and sector imaginable would rush to pay their female staff equal wages to men and shout it from the rooftops in fear millions of women will also boycott their company. But because women like Kayce instead choose to sit around whinging like adult babies companies are able to continue paying less than men. Whilst men formed trade unions and walked out of their jobs to get higher wages, women like Kayce go on a podcast and whinge about how much of victim women are. When women actually wield incredible levels of untapped power.

Sitting around whinging on a podcast owned by men isn’t feminism. But women getting together and smashing big businesses who pay women less than men and forcing all other businesses to start paying women the same as men is feminism. What Kayce is doing is just capitalism. Creating content for a male owned business so the men can make more money for the ‘feminism’ customer focus group.

What a disaster.

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